Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Never turn out the way we want.

Craziness comes but once a year! .

Not in my house! It seems to have taken up a permanent residence here. When school starts in the fall we just start going a million miles an hour. And now that we passed Thanksgiving it feels like we're going even faster. Most of my shopping is done, I'm half way done with making my Christmas cards. We have made it through Katie's violin recital, Collin's Superman Birthday, now we're on to the kids school Christmas program on the 18th, and then our church's program on the 21st. Not to mention the class parties, treat making and wrapping of gifts yet to come! Now what was my point in saying all that? I am the one in my house who likes to make things as people who know me could vouch. So I thought.... I would have my kids join in this year and they would get to make their own gifts for other people, just so they would have the joy of giving out something they did on their own. So I bought clay for them to make homemade ornaments. After 2 hours, and slicing my finger with the cutting blade, we have kid made gifts to give to family. I hope the kids had fun and for the most part they turned out well.

One of the other things we do is decorate gingerbread something... Each year we do a differant kit. Last year it was a train this year it was a mini village! I thought that it would be a wonderful family moment because there were 5 different (little!) houses to decorate. It was perfect because there are 5 of us. So I thought I would put up some pics!

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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

How cute! Sorry to hear about your finger! Are you all right?