Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life with Lupus

One small set back, One Great victory!
I say that because the past couple of days have not gone well. Monday we made our gingerbread village and they turned out nice, getting to that point was not much fun. The frosting was every where and with that Brandon dropped a BIG glop of green frosting on my white chair as well as himself, the kids ate more candy than what made it onto the houses, Craig was not happy because something at work was broken and he had to work on it at home, I am still finding little Candy pellets on the floor, making my house all alone then putting everything together, and not to mention I hit the back of my head on the freezer door while sweeping up said pellets. Tuesday was spent trying to protect the Christmas cards I finished and all my stamping tools from the hands of the "Destroyer of Worlds" Collin. Waiting to hear from Jon and April that Jimmy was finally here and doing well! Plus the mountains of laundry that develop out of thin air. Today started out OK, until the break lines on the van froze up with the possibility of having to tow it someplace, the kids were late for school, Collin ripped apart his advent calendar and ate all the chocolate out of it..... and by 2:00 pm I was not feeling well and getting tired.
I know all I am doing is complaining! And complaining NEVER gets you any where!
You ask why did I say any of it to begin with. Well here it is.... I learned a few things this week and realized them today (SURPRISE!)
I was reminded that: I make A LOT of plans, most of which don't turn out the way I imagine them. I have a husband that loves me and wants to take care of me. Kids that behave even though I have yet to believe it, I have a father-in-law that is willing to come and help me out. Plus that I am not the only one on the planet(even though I would like to think I was.) And the biggest on of all is that God does love me and takes care of me.
I realized that God did hear me today when I sent up my frantic prayers of PLEASE let the van just be frozen and let the sun thaw it out, instead of a towing bill with a replace the breaks bill on top! Also the kids need to make it to school, ( we were only about 5mins late.)
And with regard to my Lupus today was hard, being stressed didn't help, I don't do well with the cold, my body hurts all over. Even though I'm on meds (low dose) I now know when I have passed the limit of what they do for me and what effect it has once I do. I think I did well in keeping my temper, I did have a moment or two I wanted to curl up on the floor and have a good cry! I have this little book that Ms. Julie gave me that has verses I go to when I have a specific topic need and under contentment I found this verse: Prov 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
I think from now on I'm going to try to remember that when I start to become overwhelmed.


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Bless your heart, your daily life overwhelms me just as I read it . . . much less as it would overwhelm me if I struggled with Lupus!

You are a great wife and mom and I know that your family is better for having you in it! You are a sweet and talented lady and I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas cards.

Did I see you at church last night? I missed having you at the Christmas Coffee!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it always seem that we learn so much when going through things we would rather do without... You are doing great and I am praying for you and a healthy winter :)

Kris's Korner said...

I know what you mean there are days here when I wonder if I would be better out by going right back to bed. I will be praying for your health. Merry Christmas!