Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excitement,Change,Hurt and Regret

The end of last year and the beginning of this year have been such a blur it is hard to keep up.

The Exciting part:
My Lupus is so far under control with the meds that I am on.
Craig has a wonderful job that we are very thankful for and have been blessed with the chance to go to Disney in August for a real family vacation!!!!
Katie is currently learning the violin from one of the most wonderful friend I have. And soon she will be going to the flute for the band at school.
Brandon is good and we have plans for learning the piano once school starts in the fall.
Collin is... in school and doing well.
Finding old friends and having the chance to see them again!
Jewelery, cakes, and now quilting! If I find one more craft I think Craig will kill me. But I love doing it!
All in all we are doing good!
The Change part:
I have a new Dr. that I am very happy with in regards to my Lupus. He is very willing to work with anything in order keep it in control.
My kids are getting older and we now have the boys in a bunk bed... no more babies in our house!
Facing the fact that even though my mind says go,go,go my body says your not going to do that today. I thank that has been the hardest.
The Hurt part:
Loss of people that you thought were friends. That can also be a good thing too.
Having to learn the lesson of : you name it?... being molded is never fun. But it always ends up being a good lesson.
Finding out good, kind people are very sick and struggling.
Death of people we know, young and old, family and friends.
It seems to be the beginning of a trend for us... last year was the lose of our friend's 2yr old, the other day we had a friend in a car accident and they lost their 15yr old son.
The Regret part:
All those times saying something that the filter in my brain failed to catch.
Felling sorry for myself when things didn't go my way.
Wishing that I had more courage to be a better friend.
Believing that I wasn't good enough to do anything for God and letting it stop me.
Not trying to be the best mom I could be when I didn't feel well.
Not having every one like me, which I struggle with more than I wish I did.
Wishing that I knew more.
What can I take away from all of this?
Sometimes I don't know... But I do know this God is Very good to all of us even when we choose not to see it. I am a very blessed person. Lucky to have a wonderful husband, great but crazy kids, a family I sometimes don't want to claim, Friends that I think like me, a growing, caring church family,a home, car, clothes, food and all the other little things that go with it.
I am very lucky indeed!

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Mrs Karen G said...

I can relate to some or most of these things you've put on here, thank you for putting your self out here for us to read, I don't always know what to say to people ... so I just don't or giggle and wait for their smile, your a great person and a wonderful Mom.