Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

     As I am sitting here on this Sunday afternoon, my house is quiet.... well besides the neighbors who are partying early and have been setting off fireworks since 12. I have to say I don't mind it so much. I love fireworks! I love the colors, the designs, and yes the BOOM! It is something I remember about growing up. having the big BBQ and then when it got dark enough the fun would begin. It is part of being a kid, a part of summer, and a part of being from this great country. We are so lucky to live here. I thank God for it.
These pictures are from our trip to Disney last summer and I would have to say that they are the masters of the fireworks show. Even my son who is afraid of even the littlest noise enjoyed them. Partly because it is always cool and for the plain fact that we were at Disney World.
I know this is not a very deep thought post but I am glad for what God has given us here in the USA. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and be safe.

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